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Lesson for people who like to eat animal ORGANS, they pull out a terrible worm inside
August 02 2018, 4:46 PM
Animal organs are a favorite dish, but when you see this video, you will have to think again when eating them.

Animal organs are a favorite dish of many people

Most animal organs contain higher amounts of saturated fat and cholesterol than meat. They also have many bacteria that can cause illness.

In this clip the man took out a lot of worms in the pig stomach, which made everyone feel horrified and have to think again when eating this dish.

He pulls out a lot of worms on this. One by one.

So many worms on the pig stomach

In addition, experts recommend hazards people face when eating viscera:

– The organs of unknown origin are more likely to be infected with bacteria, viruses, parasites (worms).

– Streptococcus suis (including sick pigs and non-infected pigs), blood (organ), viscera and pork contains large amounts of bacteria. When eating these products from pigs like broth, heart, noodles, porridge heart … not cooked, streptococci from that food will penetrate into the body and cause disease.

Therefore, people need to limit their intake of viscera and organs that need to be cleaned thoroughly before cooking.

Watch video:

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