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The leopard hunts the prey on the slopes of the mountain, falls to the ground and recieves a dramatic ending
November 23 2018, 8:53 AM
The hunt is really dramatic.

Filmed in the Himalayan region of India, the video shows the dramatic hunt of snow leopards.

The video shows the moment a snow leopard chases a mountain goat before both animals fall down the cliff.

The leopard is chasing the prey

The video filmed in the Himalayan region of India shows two animals fall down a 120m high cliff and roll around.

As they roll on the slopes, both the leopard and goat bump into each other and continue to fight. They just stop when they hit a rock.

They are fallen down the cliff

After the fall, the goat limped while the leopard looked quite normal. In the end of the video, people can be easy to watch that the leopard pull its prey along the ground.

Nicknamed ” The ghost of mountain”, snow leopard is famous for its ability to hide.

A social networking user named Vikram Hari commented, “It’s really an amazing skill of the snow leopard. I will surely pass away after the fall, these wonderful creatures can roll tens of meters without unharmefulness. Really amazing”.

Watching video:

Source video: The sun


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