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Leaving 2-year-old daughter alone in bedroom, opening door the mother shocked at what was playing with her
February 01 2019, 11:03 AM
She also touched her head and lifted a large python with two hands in front of the family.

Recently, a video recorded the scene of a baby girl playing with a giant python even touching it’s head which made many people panic. Accordingly, the 2-year-old girl sitting on bed with her hand touching a big python head. She seemed to enjoy playing with “strange friend”. After a while, she suddenly grabbed the python’s head and lifted it up with both hands. Due to difficulty breathing, the python tried to push the body forward, making the child scared and let it go.

2-year-old girl casually touched the head of the giant python.

The mother, after witnessing the scene, was extremely afraid. It is known that the big python is just a “pet” in the house because the girl’s parents have a preference for reptiles. However, she did not understand how the animal could escape from locked stable. The mother intended to go downstairs and let her play alone in the room. Unexpectedly, when she opened the bed room, she saw this horrifying scene.

She used both hands to lift the python’s head and played like a friend.

It turned out that this was a domestic pet shed out.

As soon as the incident happened, her parents, though very fond of python breeding, would ask the experts to recall the “pet” to ensure safety. Her parents said, fortunately their daughter was not hurt or they will regret for life.

The incident is also a warning to parents. Because not all cases can be as lucky as the girl. If they encounter more aggressive pythons, their lives can be completely threatened.

Lan Le

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