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Leader and leadership is different, do you know?
January 17 2019, 3:43 PM
Do you know how different leader and leadership are? Let's find out the answer.

A leader is the most powerful person in a team, a group or a company. And we can call it a roll.

Leadership is the self-sacrificing of oneself to cultivate happiness for those you love around. So we can call it an ability.

And do you know that a leader must have leadership ability, however, many people around who are not leaders but they have such ability? Now, let’s figure out who they are.

A leader in a company has a right to order people working for him,  supply them concrete guidances.

Father and mother are also leaders in a family.

And in a school, teachers are leaders too.

Who knows, even you have that ability as well.

You have to figure it out yourself.

See, there are many people who have leadership around you and even you can have it too. So why don’t you discover yourself and develop it? Perhaps you will be a great leader in the future.

Designer: Luong Hoang 

Nguyet Hang Do


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