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Laughing till the tears come with the mistakes when using condoms
February 02 2019, 9:09 AM
A condom is the most popular contraceptive devices for couples who don't want children. But when using it, many people make some 'hilarious' mistakes.

1, Wear it when it’s too late

About 17% -51.1% of surveyed people said that after intercourse they started wearing a condom. This is too late because there may be an unwanted pregnancy.

2, Take it off too soon

Currently, about 13.6% -44.7% of surveyed people said that they remove a condom before the fun ended. This may affect your health.

3, Wear it in an improper way

30% of people while making love don’t wear a condom in a proper way: Don’t cover it to the end of the penis then rush to do it. In the case of two people do it too hard, the condom might slip out.

4, Do not check the expiry date

75% of men do not check the condom’s expiry date or whether it’s torn and holed. Failure to check the expiry date may affect the user’s health and the condom can be torn, holed during the intercourse, causing unwanted pregnancies.

5, Don’t take all of the air out

42% of men did not take all of the air at the top of the condom out before wearing it. This will affect your process.

6, Don’t leave the empty part at the top of the condom

This part is used to contain sperms so leave it or your sperms will spill over.

7, Wearing it reversely

There are quite a few people who only take care of making love so they don’t pay attention when wearing the condom.  Up to 30% of men wear it in reverse.

8, Don’t use lubricant

26% of men do not use lubricant while doing it, this will make the condom easier to tear.

9, Take it off in a proper way

There are up to 32% of men do not carry out exactly according to the instruction sometimes causing the condom to slip inside because semen released too heavy to pull out or be easily torn.

10, Preserve it in a wrong way

There are about 5% of people making small mistakes such as improperly storing condoms causing them to be damaged, torn by sharp objects. There are people even re-use the condom… leading to an unwanted pregnancy.

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