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Laughing so hard with 15 funny photos being shared on social networks, when we use smart phones
January 07 2019, 9:58 AM
How would our parent react with smartphone? They will refuse to use or accept to join the modern technology world, step by step learning the confusing functions

There is a fact that, in the technological age, young people are always the fastest. Most of today’s young people in their hands have a smartphone for surfing the web, participating in social networks, selfie virtual living, the majority of parents, adults seem loyal to the phone from some distant ancient life, with the function of only listening and texting.

So have young people ever wondered, when they bought their parents or grandparents a smart phone, how would they react? They will refuse to use or accept to join the modern technology world, step by step learning the confusing functions. Are they embarrassed and unfamiliar hands like these parents in the story below?

New profile pic

I’m always amazed at the way parents and grandparents manage to find their own workarounds when the technology “doesn’t work.”

I recently got an email from my dad that he had meant to send as a group text to all my siblings. I have no idea how.


This person’s mom is named Dawn.

Ask me know I know.

Thanks for the pic!

“This is what I got back after asking my mom to take a picture of my wife and I with my phone”

On the plus side, you now have a very entertaining picture of your mom’s nostrils.

That’s a plus side, right?

A new kind of screenshot.

“My dad wanted to copy my moms shopping list onto his phone”

Better keep this somewhere safe.

“Mom, what is that on your Iphone? Oh, I needed to remember my friend’s phone number”

208 tabs?!

“My mom asked me to check out her phone that wasn’t working”

This mom’s whole life is about to change!

I kind of wish I could be there to see it.

This should work.

Is she trying to prevent it from blowing up, or just contain the explosion the cake pan?

I need a little more info here.

Don’t forget!

How my mom set remiders on her phone

 “Listening to the synodic’s phenolics.”

I think that most parents can probably do without the voice-to-text feature on their phones.

Nothing good has ever come of it.

This is so pure.

Rather than texting, he sends an image of the text he would send if he could figure out how to text.

Like I said, parents always find the best workarounds.

First post

Knowing what I know about dads, I would say that he is both a genius and had no idea how to use his phone. Two things can be true.

Delete! Delete! Delete!

This poor mom was just trying to bond with her kids about pooping.

Let that be a lesson to people out there. Stop taking pictures while you’re pooping.

Time for a selfie.

Turn the camera around! Dad! Flip the camera!

Never mind. At least you have a nice picture of your reaction to your daughter’s engagement.


I love how you can see the “message” becoming more and more frantic as it goes on.

I hope she never changes it.

So Many Toolbars

How do you even kind of function with a browser window like this?

This is why we can’t have nice things.

No GPS for me.

Actually, this is way better.

Now you don’t have to deal with a smart device that actually knows where you are and can help you reach your destination without you having to take your eyes off the road.

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