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Laughing with the facial expression of the Husky when he was cheated by his friends
August 22 2018, 5:35 PM
These dogs are so cute!

The life still exists bad luck, it is true for both humans and animals. The Husky is not only smart and naughty, but its feeling expression ability is extremely cute when it falls into a situation that is half laughing and half crying.

Husky dogs are always full of excitement thanks to the good-looking appearance. He’s not only clever, naughty but its feeling expression ability is extremely lovely, even when he is cheated. A video recorded the Husky was cheated suddenly , which made netizens laugh.

Swimming with the yellow dog, Husky played on the water comfortably. But he didn’t believe that he was drowned for drinking water like that.

Husky dog tried to swim away, the  yellow dog is more close.It decided not to end his joke.

Husky’s cute expression makes the viewer laugh.

Another Husky looked so bewildered when he was hit by the cat. “Is my face so gentle that it is easy to be bullied?” the dog thought.

Just watching the black dog jump over the net, but the Husky dog jumped directly to the head.

Watching video:


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