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Laugh out loud with the way dads use to distinguish their twin, triplet, and quadruplet
January 20 2019, 9:19 AM
Twins, triplets, and even quadruplets always challenge us to distinguish them.

When children are too similar, it is also very interesting and jealous because people are not lucky to have many children at the same time. However, parents’ creativity and sense of humor are necessary to distinguish them.

Let’s take a look at some hilarious and unique ways that parents used to distinguish their children.

The simplest one is numbering them. It’s convenient for both parents and others.

The second one is writing down their name on their own pamper. If you want who he/she is, look at his/her butt…

Chinese parents cut their hair with Xiao- and Da-shape. Xiao means the younger and Da means the older.

Another hilarious and creative way is wearing them such kind of clothes, copy from the older and paste on the younger.

“Buy one” is the older and “Get one free” is the younger. Such a simple way to distinguish a pair of a twin. But don’t wear them wrong shirts.

“I was planned” is the oldest according to parent’s wish, however, “I was not” is exactly a bonus and “Me neither” is totally a surprise for their parents.

“I’m the older” and “I’m the younger” with 2 different colors. They look so adorable.

As for baby girls, coloring their nails, they looked both pretty and also a way for parents to recognize who each of them is.

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Nguyet Hang Do

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