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The last moment of the 9-month-old’s life was filmed directly with tears of millions people
February 12 2019, 10:00 AM
The 9-month-old Leyton boy passed away after getting a plastic patch. However, before that, her parents agreed to let the film crew go to Birmingham Children's Hospital, where he recorded the doctor's efforts to save him.

The 9-month-old Leyton was choking because he had swallowed a small piece of plastic. Although the doctors tried to recapture life, Leyton died shortly after. It is worth mentioning that her parents, Adam and Serena, allowed those who made Channel 4 programs to enter Birmingham Children’s Hospital to film the battle.

The heart-wrenching episodes aired on September 8 showed that Leyton was taken to the hospital after Brother Adam tried to breathe artificially so he could breathe again after his heart stopped beating because of suffocation.

The doctors tried hard to save Leyton.

Adam and Serena explained in the program that they want to honor their little son as well as the staff at the hospital.

“Every parent knows the danger of a child choking on a heterozygous thing. Even if you think you’ve done everything you can to protect them, accidents can always happen. Both We decided to share our story because of that.

Remembering the son who just won life, we saw the incredible courage of the doctors at Birmingham Children’s Hospital more than anyone. Parents who see this program will be aware of the danger and help save children from accidents, other families will continue to live the rest of their lives without feeling it is meaningless, “he said. Adam said.

The moment begins when Leyton is taken to the hospital.

Leyton stopped breathing after the boy accidentally swallowed a small piece of plastic. Mr. Adam performed breathing for his son under the guidance of an emergency worker 999. He tried hard to save the child while waiting for the ambulance to arrive.

Doctors at the hospital put him in a coma. After a series of tests, the doctors tried to revive Leyton but the boy failed to respond. He died 3 days later.

Many viewers were touched when watching the show. Audience MsLillyRoberts wrote: “Last night I watched the program in Birmingham Children’s Hospital. Perhaps this is the most sad thing for me. That family is strong.”

As for Serena, she revealed: “An emptiness, a loss. We do not expect any more cases like us and we want to do something to raise awareness.”

 Cooper kissed his brother Leyton.

She also added that her family is stronger than ever because she still has Leyton’s Cooper, brother. Cooper helped them get motivated to live on: “I lost the most precious thing, but we still have other children and we still have to live on.”

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