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Ladakh – the palce difinitely to come once in life time
July 28 2018, 10:51 AM
Ladakh is a mysterious area of India, including the local people, who want to visit the whole land is also prepared a lot of special documents.

If the Indian people were asked about the land that is supposed to be beautiful, charming and mysterious in their own country, then the answer would be Ladakh, which was dubbed the “Little Tibetan of India”. Not only for foreigners, every day, a large number of local tourists still flock to Ladakh from many places, just for the purpose of admiring and exploring this endless land.

If you feel too familiar with well-known places around Dehli such as: Red Fort, Qutab Mnar or symbol of eternal love Taj Mahal… Ladakh is new fresh atmosphere, require the visitors not only healthy to face the highness but also can stand the unstable climate in this area.

Ladakh is a land on the edge of Tibet, in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, India. With fresh climate and pure beauty, Ladakh attracts visitors by its clear blue sky, white glaciers and special scenic spots. Under the foot of moutain, the weather a little bit hot, but less than one hour drive, the temperature changes quickly, snow full on cap of mountain.

Coming here, visitors can enjoy many beautiful scenery such as Pangong Lake film Three idiots, or watch the sunset and beautiful sunrise at Lake Tsomoriri, enjoy with endless natural space in Turtuk village, ride on the camels in white desert Nubra.

Tsomoriri Lake is called “lake mountain”, located on high Changthang belongs Jammu and Kashmir region in northern of India. Although not well-known like Panong lake but the scene here still make people impressed.  The lake is located at a height of more than 4,500 meters above sea level, nearly 20 kilometers long, 120 square kilometers and a maximum depth of more than 100 meters.Visitors often discover Ladakh with main transportion is car use for mountainous are. This area is considered very dangerous, the road bends around small mountains, the view be hided, beside is high cliff mountain.

Visitors should spend some time to relax in Leh center, to allow themselves to get used to the climate change of this land. Leh is also a place where visitors can enjoy the peaceful life of the natives people because there are many homestay for visitors. This is also a chance for visitors to eat local dishes such as momo, lassi drinks …

At Leh, you will visit the great monasteries, famous for their sacredness, historical beauty and spiritual values. You can not only melting with nature scene but also feel the beauty of culture. Ladakh is also known as “the land of Gompas (monastery)”. In history, this area is of Tibetan origin and has many Buddhist monasteries.

The best time to visit Ladakh is between June and October. At this time the temperature ranges from 16-30 degrees Celsius. From November, heavy snowfall and temperatures can drop to minus 35 degrees Celsius cause trouble to health and travel path of tourist.

Popular tourist destinations in Ladakh include: Nubra and Indus Valley, Kargil, Leh Palace and Thikse Monastery, Hemis, Shey, Dhankar, Lamayuru, Likir, Alchi, Ridzong …

To come to Ladakh, you can go by road or air from Delhi. You can fly to Leh with Air India, Jet Airways and Go. If you go by car, you will have to go through a difficult journey, take time, snow in winter but you can feel great scenery along the way. To get to Ladakh, you need some kind of passport. You can contact a number of agencies to support a permit before departure

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