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Korean girl shocked everyone by throwing money away through the car window while driving on the road
July 23 2018, 11:59 AM
The 40-year-old woman was driving the luxury car on the way out of the supermarket parking lot then suddenly opened the window and throwing cash out.

Recently, a clip of a woman driving a car on the street and having strange action that is spreading money has gone viral. Shortly afterwards, the Daegu Bukbu Police Station – the scene of the incident received reports and quickly called her to the police station.

Kang calmly threw the money out from the car 

According to the investigation, the object is Ms. Kang, 51 years old. From 7:25 am to 8 am on July 19th, she drove around Buk-gu, Dong-gu and Seo-gu areas and threw the large amount of money through the car window at 11 places. The bills are denominations of 1000 won, 5000 won and at most 50,000 won. With the help of the people, the police picked up a total of 15.8 million won (about 14 000 USD).

She threw money at 11 places

Kang has divorced for two years and has recently moved from Seoul to Daegu. The cause of her strange behavior was confessed to being upset and unable to control the thoughtless behaviors. Investigators also found that she was often depressed and had emotional abnormalities.

She did that due to depresstion

The police also offered two options for solving the money thrown over. Kang can get them back, otherwise they will be transferred to a charity to support disadvantaged people.

Watch video:

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