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Korean girl has not removed her makeup for 2 years, stunned after seeing facial test result
February 10 2019, 8:53 AM
Can you imagine how your face will be after 2 years not removing your makeup? A Korean 20-year-old girl claimed that she would not remove her makeup for 2 years because she wanted to look beautiful.

She even insisted on sleeping with her makeup. Finally, a Korean show gave her a requirement and under the persuasion of dermatologists, she agreed to remove the thick layer on her face. After removing the make-up layer completely, the doctors began to examine her skin, but the results stunned people.

She said that she started learning makeup since she was in secondary school. Because she was not satisfied with her appearance, she felt that makeup could cover her true self. Then gradually, she began used to it and her makeup layer was thicker and thicker, even until going to sleep, she did not want to remove it.

For the last 2 years, every morning after waking up, she will apply on her face a thick layer then use eyeliner. She said, “Because I always want me to look beautiful, I will not remove makeup even when sleeping.” Besides, her family also claimed that she has not removed her makeup for 2 years.

Additionally, the indispensable item in her family is a mirror. She even can’t sleep or eat without it. Despite appearing with a perfect look, she was still not satisfied. She believed that there were 10 parts on her body that needed to do Orthopaedic Surgery. Since her decision, her mother warned her to clean her face but she did not listen to her.

On the contrary, she was tired of her mother’s words, eventually deciding to contact the Korean television program team for help.

Under the persuasion of dermatologists, she agreed to remove makeup. After accepting makeup and examination, a girl in her 20s had the skin of age 40.

In the show, her mother told her story. The producing team invited her and decided if she agreed to remove the makeup they would pay her a sum of money. Unexpectedly during the program, this 20-year-old girl was persuaded by dermatologists. She decided to erase the thick makeup on her face.

After removing her makeup, she accepted results from the doctors, the result is so surprising. Due to pores are clogged for a long time, her skin has been twice as old as other people, it has really lost its elasticity. What a sad but it was a predictable result.

Thus, hope that women should respect the cleansing of the face regularly, avoiding the above pity. The appearance is also important, but the more precious thing is that we always keep a beautiful soul, which is the eternal beauty that never fades.

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Nguyet Hang Do


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