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Kitten stuck in the pool, the puppy came to save but he was threatened to scratch, the dog’s actions after that were so warm!
January 01 2019, 10:13 AM
A little cat fell into a pool. The dog tried to save the cat while the cat still threatened to scratch the dog's face. The action of the dog made many people feel warm.

We all know that cats and dogs can hardly get along, but sometimes there are exceptions to everything!

A netizen shared a touching video clip on Twitter about a cat stuck in a pool. The nearby dog saw it and tried to get the cat out of the water immediately. When the dog approached the cat, the cat defended and brought its front legs as if it wanted to threaten the dog.

But the dog jumped into the water and let the cat cling to his back, then tried to get to shore. Next, he waited for the cat to jump on the shore, then he started trying to go ashore. But the shore is also relatively high compared to the water surface, so it cannot come to the shore. It lost momentum and slipped into the water.

The dog clung his legs to the shore again and tried to climb up. And this time it went ashore safely.

The act of caring and helping the dog is praiseworthy. Despite being threatened by cat, te dog is still happy to help the cat.

The dog has been praised by many online communities and has a lot of love for it.

Xuan Tr


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