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Kindergarten boy makes netizens shocked at his ability to cook as a master chef
November 29 2018, 3:28 PM
Little boy 'melts' netizens when cooking fried rice without any help.

Speaking of cooking, many people still think it is the work of the housewives. But clearly, today, not only men go to work, but the women also have to rush out to earn money. Therefore, it is necessary to have the household sharing between family members. And many families support this view so a lot of parents teach their son cooking. However  , a very young boy who is able to cook as well as a chef is really rare.

In this clip, the main character is a very adorable boy who is just about 4 or 5 years old. What makes people amazed is that he can cook fried rice by himself from A to Z. Moreover, his decoration of dish was very eye-catching..

Immediately after appearing on social networks, this clip has made the viewers extremely surprised and excited. They constantly gave praise to the boy. Even netizens predicted that he would become a master chef in the future.

“Oh my god! Good job, baby! Although you are still young, you are so cute and good at cooking”

“This must be future master chef ”

Watch video:

Video credit: Collect

Vu Tam

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