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A kind of seafood looks very horrible but extremely good for gentlemen
February 13 2019, 2:43 PM
For those who see this seafood for the first time, its strange shape will certainly make many people terrify.

When walking along coral reefs or cliffs where often flooded in tides, people often see many plaques that look very scary, not strange creatures but sea-acorn.

Sea-acorn often lives in dense clusters on the rocky shores along the coast, their shape is rough, often gray or black. They have a hard outer shell, so they are often mistaken for seashell, but they are actually crustaceans.

They do not live permanently in a specific location, they can be found on rocks, at the bottom of the ship and wherever there are hard objects submerged under the sea.

It is known that sea-acorn is the cause of forming Bai Chay in Vietnam. In the old days, in order to avoid the threat of Ha with boats, many fishermen came back to the boat to turn around and set fire to avoid the clinging to the sea, making a whole sea of flames glow. Since then, this place is called Bai Chay.

For many people, this is a very annoying creature if they make a “nest” under the boat. The “armor” part of the outside of the sea-acorn is very hard, using a chisel to get the sea-acorn inside.

Despite the ugly shape, they are a very nutritious and nutritious food source. Sea-acorns are very simple, after being cut into the stem, they are washed, put into the pot and cooked with ginger, a little salt, delicious sauce.

In addition, the meat can be fried with eggs, boiled water to cook porridge or soup is also great. Sea-acorn contains a lot of zinc, so it is considered good food for men.

Source: 24h

Hoang Ngan

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