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Kind fisherman pluck up a giant sliver for the fish and release it, the incident later makes him regret
January 27 2019, 8:50 AM
His action seem to bring the good thing to the fish, but it's completely opposite.

An Australian fisherman named Kim Haskell didn’t believe his eyes when catching a strange tuna. At the head of the fish, there is a strange object that is about 40 cm. The object looks like a big horn.

It turned out that this giant fish was a part of a sharp mouth of lancet fish.

Mr. Kim observed the fish head and thought that this sliver had been stuck here for several months or even more than 1 year.

The man was touching, so he decided to ask for the help of friends. They tried to pull out the “strange object” and release it to the sea. Unfortunately, it is not a strange object but a part of the fish’s body.

Unfortunately, the fresh blood smell of the tuna’s head attracted the predators. When the tuna has just returned to the ocean, four sharks have surrounded and ate it immediately. It’s really pitiful!


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