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Keeping these 5 harmful habits when using a water heater, many people are playing with dead god!
February 05 2019, 5:06 PM
There have been many fatal incidents which culprit is water heater right in the house.

No matter how smart the device is, it’s only 100% safe when we know how to use it properly. It is from the daily bad habits of every family that lead to unfortunate consequences.

To ensure your own life and those of your family, you often remind yourself and everyone to absolutely not make these mistakes:

1. Forget to disconnect the heater when bathing

Large families often have the habit of turning on the heater when bathing so that the members still have enough warm water. In addition, they also subjectively assumed that this device has a relay, which would prevent the current from flowing into the water.

In fact, this relay only works to supply electricity, heat the water and disconnect the power when the water is hot enough (adjust the temperature of the water) but does not ensure safety and help the bather avoids electric shock as many people think.

2. Turn on the heater all day

Many people think that turning on the water heater whole day will help reduce the time of turning on – off, or restarting to avoid power consumption, short-circuit, this device will also turn off automatically the power when the water is hot enough.

This thought is completely misleading because turning it on all day will lead to erosion of the insulation, the power shutdown system is no longer effective, which easily leads to leakage of electricity to the outside.

3. Do not use the ground wire 

The ground wire of the water heater has the effect of avoiding leakage to the outside, reducing the risk of electric shock. But many families do not know this and skip it from the installation stage.

To ensure the safety of everyone, you should think about installing grounding wire for the heater.

4. Not interested in the cleanliness of the water source

The water source determines the strength of the magnesium bar which help prevent acid from corroding the shell of the heater. Normally, after 2 years, the source of dirty water will cause this magnesium bar to be eroded, reducing the safety of the water heater.

Not only that, the source of water containing many deposits, iron, when the heater has electrical leakage, the ability to conduct electricity will be stronger, causing users to be in danger.

5. Do not check and maintain the heater regularly

All appliances in the home such as refrigerators, washing machines, televisions … need to be repaired, checked periodically and water heaters are among them.

This device is installed on high, due to distance and ignorance, many families do not pay attention to cleaning and maintenance, which leads to the phenomenon of short-circuited power lines, brittle water pipes, broken, shelled The tank is peeling, leaking water out, increasing the risk of electric shock. So after 3 months you should call a mechanic to check the heater once.

Kim Ngan Do

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