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Just by walking on the flooded road, the old woman lost her grandson forever
August 09 2018, 8:56 AM
The unlucky 7-year-old boy tripped down to the manhole and got swept away by the water to the Black Sea.

Nikolay Malkov, 7 years old, was walking with his grandmother on a flooded road in Sochi, Russia when the boy suddenly fell into a manhole on the street.

The grandma screamed when then the boy was missing

A video taken by a pedestrian shows that Nikolay’s grandmother had become panicked and screamed out loud after discovering her grandson had been knocked down by a stream of water.

She ran along the street with hope to save her grand son

She tried to run to the next pit along the drainage system to prevent her grandson from swirling in torrential water but failed. She was also swept down by the water, but was saved in time.

However, the poor boy was swept to the sea

Eyewitnesses said the boy Nikolay had fallen into the manhole because the manhole cover was swept away by the floodwater. The victim was swept away to the Black Sea where his body was found by divers after three hours on a beach. Nikolay’s grandmother was shocked after the incident and taken special care at the hospital.

Watch video:

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