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Just selfie has become too old-fashioned, Taiwanese youth are stirred with trend of wearing transparent plastic bag and take selfie
February 13 2019, 2:29 PM
Zheng-xing, 27, who owns a nightclub in Taiwan, is one of the pioneers of the new trend.

Taiwanese youth are “fascinated” with a bizarre new fashion trend : wearing nothing but a plastic bag and taking a selfie and post on social network.

Both men and women were thrilled with plastic clothes they wore even though they are transparent. Everyone was naked and posted pictures of them wearing nothing but a plastic bag.

Hundreds of Taiwanese teenage girls competed to post photos of homemade swimwear made from plastic bags according to Mirror. This is a new fever on Taiwan’s social network.

7-Eleven brand is quite famous in fans of plastic bags.

Many praised the young women as environmental ambassadors who warn people about enormous amount of plastic bags we consume. However, many people believe that they are only deliberately showing off their bodies.

Not only women, the whole men are also passionate about this trend of selfie wearing plastic bags.

People who post photos make a strong fashion statement by displaying blue logo of the bag in front of chest.

The strange fashion style became popular in Taiwan, attracting the participation of both men and women, especially teen girls.

However, this trend is said to make pornographic culture in Taiwan flourish, similar to printing of porn movie stars on subway cards in Taipei City.

Lan Le

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