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Just by eating the whole the pig’s head, the women attracted millions of views!
July 26 2018, 3:09 PM
In the video filmed a woman can be seen enthusiastically chomping into the head of the pig.

A woman tucks into a whole pig’s head in China in bizarre footage  that has recently gone viral.

Live stream when eating is not something weird. But not everyone is brave like this girl when choosing to eat a big pig head

This girl bravely ate a whole pig head

She eats deliciously without fear

Many people think it is disgusting to eat a pig head.

…And think this girl eating pig head to attract attention

Her clip has got millions of views

Many people express their anger!

With many people, eating the pig head is a very painful thing. In fact, eating pig head is a  normal thing for Chinese people.

Eating entire porcine heads is not itself exactly new. For many centuries a roasted whole boar’s head, tusks and all, was a classic English Yuletide dish. (The Hog’s Head Inn in the Harry Potter series references that.)

Whole hogs’ heads were also considered lucky New Year entrées in the American colonies. But over the last few centuries they fell out of vogue because… well, because gross. And eyes. And pointy swill-tempered teeth.

Watching video:

Phuong Thao

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