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Just because of this accidental action, the father caused his son to have brain hemorrhage
August 07 2018, 4:18 PM
At midnight, seeing the son cried repeatedly, his father pressed on the boy's head that caused brain hemorrhage. This action made him regret for a very long time.

This is the case of baby V.T (2 months old), is being treated the local hospital. According to the patient’s family, on the night of the incident, the child refused to sleep but constantly crying. After unsuccessful comfort, the tired father from work all day lost his temper and put fingers on his head, causing the baby to be injured.

The boy had sequelae on his head

After that action, the father regretfully rushed to the hospital. According to the doctor, on the first day of hospitalization, T. had to have mechanical ventilation because of cerebral hemorrhage. Both parents are extremely distressed. He deeply regretted and had the biggest wish that his son can recover.

His head was distorted due to father’s mistake

“After being given a blood transfusion more than a week, he was able to breathe by himself”, said the treating doctor.

The baby’s fingers in the father’s hand

In the above case, doctors recommend that adults learn to care, understand and love the child more. Life is a lot of pressure, but try to control and live more responsible. Doctors hope that through the story above, parents should be more restrained because sometimes only one action can have huge impact on their children.

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