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The journey of memories: Grandma gives children priceless “gifts”
November 08 2018, 9:12 AM
Grandma is one of the best "teacher" in the children's life.

In Western countries, it is common that children have lived with grandparents when they were young. The main reason is that their parents are busy at working to take care deeply them. To give the children the best caring as well as to save money, grandparents is the best choice. Therefore, grandparents, especially grandma, plays an essential role in children’s life. They will give them unforgettable memories and show them the things should or shouldn’t do..

Even when you don’t deserve it, her forgiveness is limitless. Spill ice cream on her new rug? Break her china glass drinking apple juice? Charge iTunes on her credit card without asking? All are notable offences, but will always be forgiven by grandma. She’s been there since you were in diapers, she knows your mistakes don’t make you who you are.

Designer: Hieu Phung


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