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Japanese-style massage service for women appeared, causing husbands to worry
January 19 2019, 9:01 AM
Traditional Japanese massage art has been introduced, it helps satisfy ladies, but also makes husbands worried about it.

The story of women who “thirst for love” to find young men to meet “needs” has been a sensitive issue in society, no one has talked about it but all people secretly understand this thing that still happens every day. One of the most popular forms is massage but most ladies want to choose massage staffs who are young boys. Especially now when the traditional Japanese massage art has been introduced, the frequency of women who invite each other to massage also increases significantly.

It is known that the traditional massage art of Japan uses thumbs, other fingers and palms, can regulate functional disorders, create excitement, maintain health and treat some special diseases, help to relieve pain, create a sense of comfort for the body and with the solid hands of the eighteen and twenty-year-old boys, the fatigue was indeed dispelled quickly.

However, this service also has dark corners because the people who go to massage always have to remove all clothes and cover only sensitive areas with a towel, from which delicate needs arise. There are many ladies, for many different reasons leading to desire to seek massage with bad intentions.


Behind the service with beautiful names such as “health care”, “balance of yin and yang” is indeed a worrying situation, the ladies who have a lot of money but lack of love find out for their physical satisfaction. And the guys who are healthy and lazy to work are willing to use “available thing” to make money, but in general these people do not think about the consequences about the health and the honor after that.

Minh Chi

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