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Japanese restaurant serves sushi is still playing with diners, which makes netizens terrified
November 05 2018, 10:52 AM
Fresh sushi is good, but everyone is surprise when it still moves continuously like this.

Recently, a video posting on Twitter Japan has been widely spread on the social network.  The main reason is the its oddity.

Indeed, the unique creature on the rice is the result of the Sushiro chain, which has branches in Japan. After the Twitter user @ shoumizo3446 visited here and tried the hokkigai (sushi clam), this is the result what he received. It’s too worthy of the name “super fresh sushi restaurant” right?.

The video only lasts 30 seconds, in which the guests constantly laughed and poked chopsticks into the creature. Although this action is a bit … really vulgar, but the creature will also be in the belly of someone. So just it doesn’t matter when playing it, right?

The video posting on social networks has received over 4.2 million views and nearly 100 thousand likes. While many people have blamed the preparation of the restaurant after this incident. Some people think it’s so good that the creature is alive! For the restaurant, this is just the clearest evidence of Sushiro’s commitment to “only sell fresh food”.

To deal with the dispute of netizens, the owner of the video has stated that although the creature is still alive, he ensures it’s really delicious.

Watching video:

Source video: Twitter @shoumizo3446


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