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Japanese ‘flattering’ mirror can read the emotions and find out facial defects!
October 11 2018, 2:17 PM
The mirror will scan the face of the user to uncover defects ad guess the feelings. Even, it can flatter by an anime male voice.

Looking at oneself in a mirror is the endless passion of women (and not a few men). The face is perfect enough to go out or not, depending on the decision of the eyes and the mirror.

Novera, the technology company from Japan, has decided to create a smart mirror that can flatter, making our lives a bit more enjoyable. At first sight, it was not different from a makeup mirror with a stand. However, instead of just reflecting images, Novera’s smart mirror also integrates screens, cameras and speakers.

In the promotional video, a beautiful young woman salutes … the mirror. The warm voice replying the woman is the voice of actor Yuki Kaji, who blows the soul of the character Eren in the anime Attack on Titan.

Obviously, Novera does not create a mirror just saying ‘hello’. When the girl sat down and began to stroke her hair, the mirror said, ‘Your eyes are so big. When you look at my eyes, my heart is pounding.’ Just like that, the girl laughed and thanked it and said goodbye before leaving the house. Finally, the mirror also wishes her a good day.

The mirror sweet-talks so well but it does not say anything without basic. Using the camera, the mirror scans the user’s face to give reasonable praise and encouragement. Not to mention, the timer will remind users to go to bed to preserve beauty.

Before going to bed, the girl asks how her skin looks like. Mirror: ‘Today’s skin is very beautiful, no different from every day.’ The girl smiled happily, then the mirror said ‘Good night’.

In addition, the mirror of the Novera also offers makeup options (by facial scans). The strength of this product is not only in technology, but also in the spiritual benefits of having someone ready to talk and motivate you. Perhaps, there are nowhere having many lonely adults like Japan, clearly it grasps the psychology of the masses.

Another day, when the girl is reading the newspaper, the mirror asks on the day off what she will do? ‘Shopping’ is her answer, but the mirror is more like watching movies. Mirror also knows when the girl being sad because sweep the frown.

The price and launch time of the Novera mirror has not yet been announced. However it will be reserved before the end of this year.

What do you think of this special mirror?

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