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Jack Ma wants his son to remember 9 things mentioned in his letter, the 6th works on most of us!
January 29 2019, 9:32 AM
Of nine things Jack ma waned his son to remember, many of us will find a lesson for ourselves.

The letter Jack Ma sent to his son touched the bottom of the hearts of millions of Chinese people. How will we feel after finishing reading his letter.

Below is Jack Ma’s letter:

” My son .. I write this short note based on 3 principles:

-Luck and disaster in this life nothing is eternal, no one knows how to live how long, there are some things should be discussed from the beginning.

-I am your father, if I do not tell you, no one will tell you.

-This little note writes down the experiences I’ve gained through sickness and failure, avoiding a turnaround in your growth journey.

Jack Ma- founder of China Alibaba Group.

Below are the things you should remember well in your life:

-Do not be too concerned about people who are not good to you. In the rest of your life, no one has a good duty to you, except your mother’s father. To those who are kind to you, must always be grateful and appreciative.

-No one is irreplaceable, no objects are required. When you understand this, someday if you lose all that is meaningful and you love, you will still understand, this is not a big thing.

-Life is so temporary, today we may still waste life, tomorrow then realize life has far left us. Therefore, appreciate life as early as possible, your days enjoy life will be more and more. Instead of expecting longevity, it is better to enjoy it first.

-Love is only a feeling, and this feeling will change with time and circumstances. If someone you love so much leaves you, be patient a little, let time slowly clean it, let it slowly settle, bitter taste will slowly become bland. Do not overdo the beauty of love, do not be excessively dissolved in sad broken hearts.

-Although many successful people do not get too much education, it does not mean not being able to study well can work. The knowledge you get is the weapon you have. We can build everything from scratch, but not with empty hands. Keep in mind!

-I bought the lottery for 26 years, not even the 3rd prize I ever got, proving prosperity can only be generated from work diligently, no wealth down from the sky.

The 6th works on most of us! (Image source: Collect)

-I will not ask you to take care of my old age, just as I will not take care of your old age. When you are mature and independent someday, my duties are finished. Furthermore, whether you ride public transportation or mercedez benz, eat fish fins or vermicelli, all you have to account for yourself.

-You may sue yourself to keep trust, but can not sue others to do the same; You can sue yourself to do good to others, but do not expect others to be kind to you; how you treat others does not mean they will treat you the same, if you do not understand this, it will only add an unnecessary burden to your life.

-Family is just a one-time affair, how long I and you will be together, you still have to respect every time togetherness, in the next life, whether we love each other or not, still will not meet again.”

Source: Steemit

Vu Tam

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