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Jack Ma advises his son to remember nine things, the sixth thing most of us do!
January 23 2019, 2:14 PM
What do we feel after reading the letter that is transmitted verbatim below?

Dear my son, I write this “memo” based on three principles.

– In this life, no one can know how long can live, there are some things said sooner will be better.

– I am my father, if I do not tell you, no one else will tell you.

– The memoirs of this memo are all experiences that I have experienced through suffering. It can help you grow up without having to spend too much time going around.

Jack Ma – Founder of Alibaba Group of China

Here are the things that you must remember very carefully:

Jack Ma and his son

1. Those who are not good with you, do not pay too much attention to them. Throughout your life, no one is supposed to be good to you, except me and your mother. For those who treat you well, you must cherish.

2. No one is irreplaceable, there is nothing that must be in the hands. Seeing this, after that if you have lost all the things you love in the world, you will understand that it is not a big deal!

3. Life is short. Today you may still be wasting your life, but tomorrow, you may have seen that the important thing is going away from you.

Therefore, the sooner you cherish your life, the more you will enjoy your days in life. Compared to expecting to live long, it is better for you to enjoy a full life soon.

4. Love is just one kind of feeling and that feeling, along with time, the mood will change. If the person you think she is the most important for you is away from you, please wait patiently, so that the heart gradually settles down, time will ease the pain in your heart.

Do not be too concerned about the beauty of love, do not do excessively suffering when being lovesick.

5. Although many people do not have much education, they still succeed. That does not mean that you do not need to study but you can still succeed.

The knowledge you learn is the weapon that you have. People can set up in business from white hands but must have this weapon, remember carefully!

6. I have bought the lottery for 26 years but the 3rd prize has never been won. This proves one thing, people want to succeed, definitely need to effort all. There is nothing free in this life.

7. I do not ask you to take care of me the remaining half of life. Being synonymous with that, I do not raise you in the remaining half of life.

When you grow up, my responsibility ends. From now on, whether in a bus or in a Mercedes, you have to take care of yourself.

8. You may ask yourself to keep your prestige but you can not ask others to keep the prestige. You can ask yourself to be good to others but you can not expect people to be good to you.

How I treat others does not mean that people will treat you like that. If you do not see this thing, it will only give you unnecessary afflictions.

9. Relatives are fate only once. Regardless of how long you and I have been together, you must cherish the moments we are together.

Source: Kenh 14

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