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‘Intelligent’ puppy knows how important his dental health is
September 28 2018, 2:00 PM
Have you ever seen a dog brushing his teeth?

It can be denied that dogs are intelligent animals. They are also know protect their health like humans do. Like this amazing dog – brush his teeth everyday by himself.

The amazing clip recorded in Ontario, Canada shows that the intelligent dog is brushing his teeth professionally. The smart dog in this video named Havanese Poodle, called Mico, gently cleaning his teeth moving a brush with its paw like a person. “I am a dental hygienist and know that dental health is important, even in dogs so I went to brush Mico’s teeth and he just took the brush and started to do it himself lol so I filmed him.” The owner said

“He is a three-and-a-half month old Havanese Poodle and very obedient and cute.”

Do you know how to brush your dog’s teeth?

Brush your dog’s teeth when she’s calm and relaxed. Working up to brushing daily is ideal.

You’ll want to use a toothbrush made for dogs. The bristles are softer and specially angled. Finger brushes can work well for dogs under 30 pounds. For larger dogs, longer handles can give you better reach. Be sure to use dog toothpaste, too.

Make sure you’re in a spot where your dog is comfortable. Don’t stand above your dog, hold her down, or take a threatening stance.

Test your dog’s willingness to have you touch her mouth by rubbing your finger along her upper gums and teeth. Use light pressure. You may need to get her comfortable with this over a few sessions before moving on.

Put some dog toothpaste on your fingertip. Let your dog lick the toothpaste from your fingertip so that she can get used to the texture and taste. If after a few days she refuses to lick more toothpaste after her initial taste, try a different flavor.

When pup is used to you opening and touching her mouth, start using the toothpaste and toothbrush together. Lift her upper lip. As you approach her teeth with the brush, angle the bristles so they reach the gum line. Placing them at a 45-degree angle against her teeth will help the bristles massage the gum line and clear away plaque.

Brush in small circles, getting top and bottom on each side. As you move the bristles along the gum line, some light bleeding may occur. Slight bleeding every so often is OK.

Brush a few teeth at a time, working up to more each day.

Keep the mood light while you’re brushing your dog’s teeth. Talk to her throughout your daily brushing, telling her exactly what you’re doing. Remind her what a good pup she is by stroking her jowls or patting her head.

When you’re finished brushing your dog’s teeth, reward her with her favorite treat or extra attention.

Dogs are intelligent animals.

Protecting you dog’s health is very necessary, especially cleaning their teeth regularly.

Watching video: 

Source video: Newsflare

Source: WebMD

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