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Both indignant and heartbroken scene the ethnic minority pregnant women sell their fetuses to get money
January 21 2019, 3:12 PM
In the mountainous district Ky Son (Nghe An, Vietnam), many pregnant women cross the border to China and wait for their birth date to sell the newborn baby to another person.

Lu Thi Phanh, a woman who no longer remembers her year of birth, said that in August 2018, thanks to arriving in China to sell her newly born child, she got VND 70 million (over $ 3000) to pay her debts, buy television and buy speakers, motorbikes.

Lu Thi Phanh said, in early 2018, when pregnant with the fifth child, in a fit of distress, she was tipped off by an acquaintance in the commune how to sell her fetus to get money to pay off her life. When the fetus was 8 months old, with the consent of her husband, Lu Thi Phanh took the car to Mong Cai, Quang Ninh Province (Sino-Vietnamese Border province) started the journey to sell her fetus to strangers. Here, Phanh was taken to pass through the border by a man. After 2 days of sitting in a car, moving into Chinese inland, Phanh was brought to a house, waiting for the day of labor.

‘I didn’t know where it was. I was cared for by people so well, and after a month, I gave birth. Preparing to give birth, people take me to the hospital, give me enough food and drink. It is a boy. They had taken him away before he was able to breastfeed,… ”- Lu Thi Phanh said.

L.T.Phanh and her new TV which was bought after she had sold her fetus

Before that, Luong Thi Xoan (SN 1983) in Dinh Son village, Huu Kiem commune also went to China to sell her upcoming child, but failed. Sadly, Xoan said, she was not ‘lucky’ like others.

Because of finding the baby had a severe birth defect, the buyer ‘shook his head’ and refused. More heartbreaking, after 9 days of being born, this baby boy died at the hospital. Both losing her son and without getting money, Luong Thi Xoan sadly returned to Vietnam with only a few hundred thousand dongs that the guiders gave her.

More than 20 kilometres away from Huu Kiem commune is Luu Tien village, Chieu Luu commune. More than 3 months have passed, the mourning atmosphere has still covered the empty house of Moong Thi Lam (SN 1989). Up to now, the whole village of Kho Mu has still been shocked by the sudden death of Ms. Lam on her journey to China to sell her fetus.

Information from the Vietnamese Embassy in China said, on September 20, 2018, in Yangkao commune, Hebei province, China, there was a serious traffic accident that caused 5 Vietnamese citizens to die. In it, Moong Thi Lam died on the spot, the remaining 4 were seriously injured (3 of which were pregnant at the 8th month). All victims reside in the mountainous district of Ky Son, Nghe An.

Her daughter Moong Thi Lam will no longer meet her mother

A mother is regretful after selling her baby

Statistics of Ky Son district’s functional industry show that, from 2017 to present, there have been 26 cases of women crossing the border to China to sell fetuses. All of them are Kho Mu people, concentrated mainly in Huu Kiem and Chieu Luu communes. Ms Vi Thi Quyen, Vice Chairman of Ky Son District People’s Committee, Nghe An, said that the situation that many women sell their fetuses is a burning problem. This is an unprecedented event in the locality. Through grasping, directly working with the mothers in the cases, most acknowledged their behavior, many women expressed remorse, but there were also ones who were indifferent, as if they did not sell their own child.

The cause of this situation is due to the low intellectual standards, difficult life

Source: VOV

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