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Incredible moment Indian workers escape from a massive landslide
October 08 2018, 4:51 PM
Terrifying moment Indian workers luckiy saved their life from a massive landslide

This video posted on the social network caught all people’s attention because of its terrifying moment. Anyone who watched this video felt frightened about the situation which these Indian workers facing up with. It was such a dangerous experience.

Workers from an Indian power company in Sudharang, Kinnaur, started filming excitedly when they noticed a huge section of the nearby mountain begin to crumble on Saturday. But their excitement quickly turned to fear when they realized the mass of falling rock was heading straight for them.

The men ran for cover inside their industrial shed and could be heard shouting in fear. A company official said there was some damage to the property, but no one was injured.

Recently, there has been a situation like that. A woman is swept off the side of a mountain by a massive landslide after she ignored warnings and stood shouting at the tons of earth surging towards her. Santusa Nina Huallpa was hit by the landslide in the southern highlands of Peru. The 36-year-old’s remains were later found buried under earth and stones Footage from eyewitnesses shows her seemingly beckoning on the landslide.

In conclusion, people should be careful when working outside to avoid happening unexpected problems, especially with dangerous locations like this.

Watching video:

Video source: CGTN


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