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Increased 5 cm even after puberty and fit thigh thanks to an easy-to-do movement
October 09 2018, 4:17 PM
A small movement suddenly emerged into a height growth can be applied by everyone.

Scientists have shown that our height is determined by the growth hormone, 23% of the genetic gene and external factors including a 32% diet, a 20% exercise regimen. Eating well and doing exercises every day helps to develop the skeleton and stretch the muscle effectively.

There is a very simple movement that experts should practice to improve the height of the legs. Only with this small action, but extremely useful for the development of bone and joints, while the foot is also very good for your health.

According to Oriental Medicine experts, the leg area has many acupuncture points, the central nervous system of important organs in the body. When the toes work, they stimulate muscle growth and relaxation, relieve body fatigue, and promote blood circulation.

– First turn each foot so that the joints are flexible before performing the movements.

– After turning your feet for 1 to 2 minutes, start to stand comfortably on the floor. Use your upper leg muscles as high as possible and then slowly relax and lower your legs. Body weight is applied to the toes when rising.

Repeat about 20 for each exercise. Eat about 7 times a day for any time of day.

Action 2:

Stand on the floor, with your legs crossed to the sides so that your heels are facing each other.

– From the heel to the toes and slightly bend. Hold the foot for as long as possible then return to the original position and repeat the movement.

Action 3:

– Standing relaxed as the first move. One foot raised on the floor, one leg up high and then down. Performs 10 moves and then repeats the same for the other leg.


– Increasing height: The legs maintain the balance of the body. When you push the weight forward, the calves and thighs are stretched and pushed upwards, thereby softening the joints to increase endurance for the spine bone and improving height.

– Thighs calf: Legs to help calves and thighs burn fat, folding legs are more firm.

– Reduce stress: Performing this exercise will often help relieve stress, pressure and stimulate brain reflexes.

– Renal function: Both men and women are good kidney, excreted very good.

– Reduce urinary retention, urinary incontinence: Diseases related to urinary, bladder or prostate are caused by poor blood circulation.

– Increased blood circulation, reduce swelling, numbness foot: Foot massage helps blood circulation, awakens the nervous system after sitting too long in a posture.

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