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Impressive footage: Thousands of wildebeest make it across a crocodile-infested river by stampeding together in a huge crowd
October 07 2018, 11:36 AM
Thousands of wildebeest sprint across a fast-flowing river as part of a perilous migration a third of the herd will not survive.

The brave animals – some of which weigh up to 43 stone – must cross the Mara River, which is plagued by crocodiles up to 16-feet-long. Every year, from July to September, around one million zebra and wildebeest migrate from Masai Mara in Kenya to Serengeti in Tanzania.

The 5,000 wildebeest made a huge noise as they ran through the river before walking up the hill on the other side. Photographer Paolo Maffioletti, 59, travelled to that part of Africa to capture the wildebeest’s migration.

Dr Maffioletti, from Bergamo, Italy, said: ‘This is the great migration from Masai Mara in Kenya to Serengeti in Tanzania. ‘Every year about 1 million zebra and wildebeest migrate to look for fresh grass and to find more rainfall. ‘Around 5,000 wildebeest were crossing the river Talek that day – which is a small tributary of the Mara River.’

According to Dr Maffioletti, the Mara River is a formidable barrier in the annual migration. ‘Crocodiles in the Mara River are much larger and it is difficult to cross, often many wildebeest drown after being attacked by them. ‘They must reach the bank of the river as soon as possible because they are so vulnerable. The wildebeests have to stay together to protect themselves from predators including lions, hyenas and crocodiles.’ Dr Maffioletti added: ‘They made such a loud noise which was really impressive. The crossing of the river is one of the best moments of wildlife.’

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Source video: Daily Mail

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