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Impatient with the “purse-opening performance” as similar as cabbage-peeling one of the most careful old man in the planet
August 10 2018, 4:18 PM
This 'giant cabbage-peeling' performance of this old man may make those who are the most patient in this world have to cry out!

It is undeniable that old people are usually careful and meticulous. However, every time they takes money out to pay like such this ‘giant cabbage-peeling’ performance may make those who are the most patient in this world have to cry out!

Recently, a clip of a man in the watch store makes a lot of people interested in. The most worthy thing to mention here is not about the old man, the watch or anything else but it is the “payment” that can be said to be the longest one in this “century”. Why is it so long like that? If you are patient enough to wait until the last second of the more than 4-minute- clip, you will have the answer!

Though the clip just lasts for over 4 minutes, it can make anyone impatient to be blood-boiled right from the very first minute. This is definitely the “purse-opening” that is capable of challenging every limitation of patience. Some viewers even would like to think that it is as a “cabbage peeling performace” – a giant cabbage with a view to reducing the impatience rather than expecting to see the old man’s money behind those pieces of wrapping paper!

There must be dozens of “stages” happening in the same sequence. Nothing special except the change in size of the “cabbage”. Viewers are extremely “jubilant”, “eager”, even spend extra time to wait for “a little fun” coming up. And then, in response to that expectation …

It is known that this is the total amount of money he has spent over the years. And the old man wants to pay them all for a … favorite clock. Although it is only a small amount of money but for him it is a valuable asset that must be “hidden” carefully.

Just after the clip was shared, it was quite unexpected that there were a number of viewers’ comments showing off about their “victory” of waiting until the last minute of the clip although their fingers itch for more than 4 minutes.

“Oh my, I was too impatient to see this old man taking pieces of cover off until his money appears. So admire the cameraman.  How patient he was to record such insipid process entirely!”

“So incredible that I could wait until the last minute!”

“Though watching this over 4-minute clip, I, sometimes, still have to rewind”

Well, is there anyone counting how many “cabbage leaves” there are? Is there anyone watching and must stopping to read comments at the same time? Who has just watched? Hope you still keep calm to drop a comment down here till the end of the clip!

Thu Thủy

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