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Imagine living virtual hard, only need glasses, gift wrapping enough shimmering
June 08 2018, 5:38 PM
Do not be self-consciously virtual life if you do not know the shoot this shot offline!

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In the hot summer season, if you have to go out in the crowded streets, or crowded in expensive studios to get a nice live photo, there is nothing wrong with it. So people are quick to create innovative ways to capture the magic, with only the daily items and can be done at home, no cost here!

Who would have thought that the legendary tablecloth could make such an excellent props? If you do not have a tableclot h, you can also use a towel!

No need to set up the light type, just take the cup to drink water is also full of beautiful photos!

The gift wrapping paper also contributes to the extremely magical, what does this need to go to the studio?

Natural sunshine is already there, take the kitchen utensils of the mothers to use only, the photo must be called sparkling glitter it!

This hole is not only used to eat hot pot, but also bring you the deep photo!

Linh Shinzy

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