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The image of a pretty baby girl making a living with her grandmother on the street makes people mercy
December 07 2018, 2:16 PM
The little girl makes people love both her apperance and characteristics.

Earning a living is a difficult thing with many people. Due to money, some people are willing to go back and forth in the north and into the sea without complaining because it is a part of life that is required for us to grow and be responsible. But when looking at the image of the elderly and the baby are hardly to make a living. Many people can’t stop their tears. And their photo was shared widely on the social network by netizens. Most people feel pitiful about their poor living standard.

According to the reliable information, these photos were taken in Mong Cai, Quang Ninh. It is unclear where they come from, but it doesn’t seem important because the baby’s naive eyes obscured the usual suspicion.

While her grandmother was hard to move on the market with two knees, the baby always walked side by side. They are tied together with a sturdy rope so as not to get lost in the crowd, which is also a way to protect her from the bad people. Behind them is a small carriage, it is used to store essential items and toys sent by good people. Their poor situation makes many people feel pitiful.

Many people burst in tears when seeing the scene.

After the images were shared, many netizens also said they had met them and the little girl is very obedient. “She is very beautiful in the real life, when people take her the money and things, she always say hello and thank you. Very cute! “- said a netizen. Besides, many netizens also hope to meet directly to help and support them. From that, the baby will have a chance to go to school instead of wandering on the street.


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