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If ignoring 6 warning signs of the refrigerator that will explode like a time bomb, you will lose your life
January 25 2019, 2:49 PM
The risk of refrigerator explosion is not much, but if users are subjective, do not handle in time when seeing the signs below, the refrigerator can become "bomb" in the house.

Maybe you don’t know but the fridge has a high risk of explosion. Structure of household refrigerators including indoor units, outdoor units, compressors, gas tanks …. In case the refrigerator is too old or due to welding repair, changing the gas several times should have a fouling residue. connecting from condenser to evaporator, reducing cooling capacity, resulting in too high system pressure, it is very flammable. There have been cases that families have a fire explosion due to sudden increase in voltage, compressors continuously bring gas to the outdoor unit, increasing the pressure of the gas is extremely dangerous.

1. The compressor runs continuously without interruption

The phenomenon of refrigerator compressor running continuously is because there is not enough cooling air circulating around the cabinet or road traffic is blocked, the door is not sealed, making too much ice or putting too much food into the cabinet. In addition, the lack of gas or excess gas, high ambient temperature, a bad temperature relay, the light in the cabinet is continuously lit and the refrigerator door is too open also causes the phenomenon.


– Replace the cabinet position in a well-ventilated place

– Re-check the blocked circulation lines

– Eliminate obstacles that obstruct the circulation of air cooling air.

– Reload the spring cabinet and adjust the door cushion to fit.

– Avoid ice making as well as overloading food storage.

– Replace light switches if necessary

– Avoid opening cabinets too many times in a row.

2. There is a strange sound coming from the compressor

– Loud: because the bigger the refrigerator is, the greater the capacity is.

– The “podium” cry and then stop working: it is caused by 4 screws to catch the cold frame loose. To remove this noise, you can manually turn off the power, remove the screw and add the cushion and tighten the screw again.

– Noise behind the refrigerator: when the compressor shows signs of damage or use for too long. In this case you should call a reputable repair provider or repairer.

– Having sound ”re” because the vibrating objects touch each other, you should check if the pins of the cyclones are slipped or dislocated, and if so, fix them.

– Noise “whooshing” like the wind: because the refrigerator has not reached the desired temperature, the refrigerator will continue to cool, then the fan motor will operate. But this is a normal sign, you don’t need to be too worried.

– The sound from the stone compartment is like the sound of engine oil and grease drying: it is caused by the rotor motor is dry. You just need to do is disconnect the power, remove all food. Using the tree or screwing into the air blowing slot in the cabinet drawers out, looking inside will see the motor fan, remove the motor, grease grease, and reinstall it, the machine will stop ringing.

3. The sides are very hot.

This situation may be because people leave the cabinets in a cramped space, the cabinets are too close to the wall or there are many things that are close to the cabinet body, which makes the cabinets cool down. The outdoor unit of the refrigerator is designed on both sides of the cabinet, when the refrigerant operates refrigerant circulating in the pipeline on the sides of the cabinet, radiating heat to the outside causing the sides to heat up, easily leading to fire explosive.

How to fix:

– Remove items away from cabinets for ventilation

– When installing the refrigerator, choose a location to avoid direct sunlight.

– Do not place the refrigerator too close to the kitchen, other heat equipment.

– The sides and the back of the refrigerator must have enough space for the heat to circulate and escape, not to freeze the wall of the wall, as well as not to post any items on either side of the refrigerator.

4. The filter swells and has dew condensation

Be bloated due to fouling. Stone that has long been attached to the plastic shell of the freezer causes dew condensation. When the indoor unit is heavily attached to snow, it will prevent the heat exchange between the indoor unit and the air through the indoor unit, causing the cabinet to be cold, short-circuited, causing fire and explosion.

How to fix:

– Disconnect the cabinet into the power source.

– If these electrical devices are not broken, check the thermostat.

– Check that if the device has negative relay, positive relay, timer, resistance, if any device is damaged, replace device.

5. Smell the gas where the refrigerator is located

Gas-fired refrigerators or gas cookers are one of the reasons why refrigerators are not cooled. If we do not fix it soon and the gas pump for the refrigerator may cause a refrigerator explosion. Besides, when the refrigerator is not cold enough, it may cause the food stored in the refrigerator to be damaged and create unpleasant odors inside the refrigerator.


– With gas leak holes found on pipes and outdoor units, using welding is simple and most popular method.

– Hole in the indoor unit, aluminum pipe can be repaired by aluminum welding or using epuxi glue sealed hole

– Contact a reputable refrigerator repair service to ensure safety

– When gas smell is detected in the house (gas leak is detected), absolutely do not touch any device that can generate electrical sparks, do not turn off and turn off lights, fans, switch off the circuit, including cellular phone.

– Immediately lock the valve.

– Use manual ventilation means, for example, fan blowers or cardboard cover for air-cooling fans. If the fan is running, leave it intact.

– Open all the doors above the kitchen (not the horizontal kitchen doors) to create convection on the top, when the smell is nearly finished, open all the doors.

6. Food is fastly ruiner than usual

One of the most important tasks of the fridge is to keep food cool to help them stay fresh longer. If you notice that food breaks faster than usual, or it takes a longer time to cool a can of beer or a bottle of water, the refrigerator is probably having problems.


– Remove food from the refrigerator

– Clean, leave the cabinet dry and then use it again.




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