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After her husband’s gone, she discovered that she was pregnant, when she informed her father-in-law, he answered…causing her to shed tears
January 29 2019, 10:47 AM
My Linh was a poor girl, married to Quoc Dong, having the same difficult situation as her. Dong learned well but parents still let him quit school early to work because of family difficulties. Sometimes, people can not choose their own lives.

Linh was a honest, gentle girl. She also understood what she wanted, she only wanted a husband who loved her, wanted to give birth to a child and live a happy and simple life without needing to have a rich life as many people desired.

She and her husband knew each other in the factory, their personalities were the same. Long time of attachment, they also developed feelings. After more than 2 years of love, they also went home to ask for family permission to get married.

After getting married, the couple returned to the factory to work. My Linh thought that she would have a happy life with Dong that she always wanted. Ironically, an unexpected accident in the factory caused Dong to die, leaving his newly married wife. This caused My Linh’s heart to collapse, her husband left her. No one could accept this truth and endure this pain.

Time was passing, 1 day, 1 week, then 1 month, she lived in extreme pain in the cold little house. At that time, she told her parents-in-law that she wanted to stay at her parents’ house for a while because here her husband’s memories kept coming back making her shed tears. Friends and relatives knew that she suffered, so they often visited and encouraged, but this could not make her ease sadness.

After more than a month, she did not see signs of women so she went to the hospital to check and the result was that she was pregnant. My Linh was very happy with this news, but she was also worried about how she and her son would live when there was no hand of the man in the family. She mustered up the courage to call her father-in-law to talk about the small happiness her husband left.

After hearing, her father-in-law was quiet for a moment, seemingly he was crying. Then he said: “What should I do, are you pregnant? Impossible, you have to remarry. You are young, and the future is ahead”.

He said in a choking voice making her unable to hold back tears. She said: “I want to keep the child, it is our child, is your grandchild. No matter how difficult it is, I will raise the child. I won’t remarry, Dad!”. The first time she told her father-in-law with such a loud voice.

My Linh’s mother-in-law said that she was so pious. Her mother-in-law called My Linh back to the house to say that she would help Linh raise her child.

My Linh always believed that she would overcome this, just needing a kind heart and honesty, the blue sky will have a good arrangement for each of us.

Source: DKN.TV

Minh Chi

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