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Husband melts netizens when volunteering to be makeup model for his wife
November 24 2018, 11:55 AM
Lovely photos of the husband after experiencing makeup from his wife  has been attracting the attention and great support from the online community.

Recently, photos of the woman named Pham Thi Nham (26-year-old make up artist) have been shared on the social networks. She captured her husband – Duong Viet Lam (25 years old) who was given makeup by her.

It is known that these photos were taken a long time ago when she began to practice make up according to Western style. Because she couldn’t find suitable models, she asked her husband to be her model.

Talking about the reason for posting her photo, Nham said: “When I saw his photos in my mobile phone, I came up with an idea to tease him. Unexpectedly, he was very happy and agreed to let me share on social networks. Normally I trim the eyebrows for my husband, so he also voluntarily agreed to be my model . These photos were taken when I started studying makeup. I feel quite happy to have many supporters.”

It is said that the couple had gone to the same high school and had a 10-year friendship before they officially fell in love and got married.

Currently, the couple have been married for 1 month and are in a happy life. According to Nham, her husband loves her so much and seems always worried about her. Therefore, he often goes home early after work to help her prepare meals and wash clothes.

“Getting married at the age of 27 is  also considered to be a bit late. When being asked how I feel after marriage by friends, I was glad to say that I wish I had been married earlier.” She said.

Vu Tam



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