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Hurry to turn the air conditioner right getting on the car – the mistake many drivers make: What is the solution?
February 11 2019, 2:02 PM
Many drivers often have a habit of turning air conditioners when getting the car, which can be harmful to your car.

Air conditioner is considered one of the necessary equipment to help the driver adjust the temperature inside the car. However, not everyone knows how to turn on / off it to not adversely affect the vehicle as well as fuel consumption, especially the unskillful driver.

Many people have a habit of turning on the air conditioner as soon as they get on the car because they think it can cool / warm quickly, but this inadvertently causes bad effects to other devices in the car.

In summer and in hot weather, if being forced to leave the car for a long time, the driver should park the car in the shade. This is a way to lower the temperature inside the car before you return.

Also, when getting on the car, the driver should try to reduce the temperature inside the cabin before turning on the air conditioner. The simple way that you can do it is to open the car door a few times, open the side window and fan for a few minutes to get air from outside to help push the hot air.

In particular, the experts believe that the driver should turn on the air conditioner starting with low level and not exceeding the difference with the outside temperature to limit the system damage as well as to save a lot of fuel.

Besides, another note is that you should not turn off the air conditioner immediately when you turn off the machine, but get used to doing this a few minutes earlier to limit the risk of battery life.

In parallel with turning off the air conditioner on the car, you should also open the glass doors to get wind and outside air to gradually reduce the temperature difference.

After all, the driver should pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of the air conditioning system periodically.

Kim Ngan Do

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