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Human Ken Doll Rodrigo Alves reveals plans for ELEVENTH nose job, chin implants and an eye lift … to start a new year
January 08 2019, 2:01 PM
He has his sights set on stardom and is determined to make a career in the music industry in 2019.

And Human Ken Doll Rodrigo Alves has said he plans to start the year with more plastic surgery – by getting his 11th nose job before releasing music he’s determined to be a ‘big summer hit’.

The Instagram star, 35, who has spent more than £500k on surgery in the past said: ‘I will be having some plastic surgery done to my face again.’

‘I think that my chin silicone implants are too big therefore I will replace it for a smaller size.

Also as Iage my eyes they drop so I will be having another eye lift.

The CBB star, who splits his time between Milan and London added: ‘During my time in Italy I have gained few pounds and I will be having a lipo in my jaw line and a silicone implant put in on my mandibular to have me more of a square dashing look.

‘I am also considering a 11th nose job to help with my breathing and shape of my nose.

The reality TV personality added he was working on a song that he hopes will be ‘a big summer hit’ and since August has been taking singing lessons in Milan and ‘working with a team of music producers to make it happen.

‘I am a show man and a performer and my dream is to be on Eurovision in 2019 and according to sources I have got what it takes to be there’ he added.

Rodrigo added that he’s very pleased with himself and how is year as gone, and said he has ‘inspired people around the world to follow their dreams and to do what it is right for them.

‘I never followed a stereotype or rules I do what is right for me and makes me happy, I’m the fruit of my imagination. I’m everything that I have always wanted to be in my life and I hope that with my music I can also inspire people around the world that we all can do it.’

The star, who also appeared on Italy’s version of Celebrity Big Brother, revealed a gift shop in Italy are selling 30cm ceramic dolls of him.

 Image credit: Daily Mail

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