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The house has 1788 rooms, 604 Rolls-Royce cars, thousands of girls want to get married to him but Prince of Brunei is still single
November 14 2018, 2:41 PM
With 733,000 followers on Instagram, the handsome prince Abdul Mateen of Brunei makes a lot of people cherish his rich life.

Abdul Mateen was born in 10 August 1991, he is the 10th son of Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah. He is also the 6th prince on the list of successors to the Sultan of Brunei..

With a father who has about $ 20 billion, the prince has a sumptuous royal life with many super cars and luxury brands.

One of the world’s famous white Ferrari LaFerrari 499, which is priced at $ 1.4 million, is also owned by him.

The prince spent a lot of time traveling and playing with animals.

The prince’s passion for sport makes him more attractive. He enjoyed playing soccer, swimming, he also learned boxing, Muay Thai, baseball, skiing, boating, diving, bungee jumping, golf, polo and so on. He represented Brunei for Polo at SEA Games 29 that took place in Malaysia this year.

Mateen shares hid post on Instagram that it is a way he shares with his passionate people, hobbies and inspiration for a beautiful Brunei. He also said that the public attention did not hinder him but also motivated him to keep balance and humility.

The castle has 1788 rooms.

The prince has a sumptuous royal life with many super cars and luxury brands.

In particular, the royal family’s academic record is also remarkable. He is “one of the most qualified blue graduates in Asia”.

In 2011, at age 18, he was one of the youngest graduates of the Sandhurst Royal Military Academy, what he called “the greatest thing he ever did,” and became a lieutenant of the Brunei Army.

He is now becoming more famous in the political field as he regularly represents his father in political events around the world. According to The Daily Mail, he is involved in many charitable activities and in 2015 he also attended the meeting of the Federal Prime Minister in Malta to talk about terrorism.

Recently, he has graduated from the University of London for Research in Oriental and African Studies (SOAS).

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