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The hottest actress of “level three” movies in the 90s received “bitter ending” after filming
February 11 2019, 9:00 AM
Starting a career in "high school film" at the age of 18, the beautiful Chung Chan has achieved many successes, becoming the "hottest beauty of the 90s". However, it is also because of this film's past, it has made beautiful people obsessed with psychological life.

Speaking of the 90s 90s film series in Hong Kong, many people often think of the name Shu Qi. She is an energetic and lucky actress who can escape the shadow of the ugly past to the art path.

However, not every beautiful person who plays “18+ movies” can overcome the past, most notably the beauty who is named “the best hot movie star of the era”  Zhōng zhen.  Zhōng zhen, born on January 27, 1979 in a poor family in Taiwan. She was rated 10 times better than Shu Qi.

“Third-class movie”actress cult for a while,  Zhōng zhen.

Taking advantage of sexy physique, delicate face, attracting eyes of people,  Zhōng zhen joined entertainment industry as a model. In 1997, director Wang Jing takes eyes on her and let her star in filming for a 18+ movie since she was 18 years old.

Thanks to the main role in the movie “When the honey grows up”,  Zhōng zhen flashes into a star. She won the first adult film award in Hong Kong. In October of that year, she appeared on the cover of the “China Playboy” newspaper. With her innocent face, clear but fiery body, she was quickly welcomed by audiences and directors.

At the Golden Statue award ceremony in 1997,  Zhōng zhen successfully won the “hottest actress in the 90s”. On that occasion,  Zhōng zhen continued to play 6 hot movies, not afraid to “nake” on the set.

However, it was the things that gave her fame that also pushed her down to the mud. Realizing the “18+ films” could not give herself a normal life,  Zhōng zhen decided to give up his career while at the top, she refused to play “hot scenes” and since then, the film’s contract is less.

Obsessive past plays “hot movie” has caused  Zhōng zhen to show signs of mental illness.

It was at this time,  Zhōng zhen gradually lost weight, she fell to 40kg and suffered from severe insomnia. Her health condition became worse and became more serious. She has signs of mental illness symptoms, whenever anyone mentions “high school film”, she immediately becomes worried, panic, stomachache and even loss of consciousness.

After that, the beautiful actress had to go for psychological treatment for a long time because of the past obsession with filming.

What is mental illness?

Mental illness is a disease related to a variety of mental health problems, disorders that affect a person’s mood, thinking, and behavior. Mental illnesses include: depression, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, eating disorders and addictive behavior.

Mental illness can make the patient always in the state of suffering, unstable psychology, affecting daily life, such as at work or in relationships. In most cases, symptoms of mental illness can be overcome with a combination of medication and psychological counseling.

The exact cause of mental illness so far has not been clearly defined. Mental illness in general, is thought to be caused by a variety of factors such as genetics, habitat, experiencing psychological difficulties, or brain biochemical disorders.

Symptoms of a mentally ill person such as: talking a lot, being aggressive; feeling sad, pessimistic; sleep disorders; suspicious; strange behavior such as wandering, closing, saying strange words; …

The diseases that hot movie actors can get

Sexually transmitted diseases

Most actors with hot films are at risk of sexually transmitted diseases due to indiscriminate sex and condom use.


A long list of actors who died of HIV / AIDS like gay sex star Joey Stefano (Nicholas Anthony Iacona Jr), was once invited by the famous Madonna to be her exclusive model in her 1992 book. , sex movie “king” John C. Holmes (Johnny Wadd) participated in about 2,250 porn movies, Anne Marie Ballowe star … The cause is also because of unsafe sex.

Depression, psychological obsession

Many of the adult movie actors, especially female actors after retiring from their careers or having horrifying experiences when filming, can face psychological injuries. They are very difficult to return to their normal lives because of the fear and obsession of criticism of people. Lightly, it can be self-contained, more dangerous can lead to suicide.

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