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Hotel manager revealed: Check-in must check these 3 things first to avoid future unintended consequences
January 30 2019, 3:17 PM
To ensure security, privacy, health ... people should remember to check before staying in a motel or hotel room.

When you or your family go on a trip or you and your husband want to go out together, you have to choose places that are reputable and safe to stay. There have been many cases of being cheated when booking online or encountering unnecessary problems such as spreading infection from the bacteria in the pillow, being recorded sneakily and posted the private clips on the social network… during a break at there.

Entering the hotel room, take a close look to check for your own safety

Below is the advice of a manager with long-term experience in hotels. When entering the room, you must first check these 3 things to ensure your own safety and your loved ones.


There have been quite a lot of cases that are recorded sneakily by hidden cameras in the room and then hot clips have been posted online so you should be careful so that your private life can be kept secret. The ever-growing small camera technology makes it easier to hide and harder to detect. Therefore, when checking in, check carefully everywhere to make sure there are no hidden devices. Some places where bad guys often use to hide cameras are flower vases on the table, above air conditioners, night light corners and especially on televisions.

The TV is located opposite the bed so it’s easy to be hidden by the bad guys


After all, the bathroom is a very private place. Whether bathing or toileting is done here. If someone is photographed, it is extremely dangerous. So be careful to check for anything unusual to make it safer.

The hidden camera is subtly arranged, if you are not subtle, it’s difficult to detect

Electrical socket opposite the bed

Entering the bedroom in the hotel, the hostel, you should make a habit of looking around the room and observe which location can record your photos best. Some cameras are also disguised as electrical sockets. If you see an electrical socket on the high side opposite your bed, there is an abnormal hole in the middle of the socket, no use at all, that could be a camera.

Entering the hotel room, you should carefully observe the electrical sockets in the room

If the camera is detected, you have the right to ask the hotel owner to dismantle. Because the installation of camera equipment is a violation of law, affecting the privacy of others.

Source: Aboluowang

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