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Hot girls strip right in the elevator, man did a thing earning him a slap in the face from the girlfriend
November 22 2018, 2:32 PM
The lovely gentle girlfriend turns right into a roaring dragon the minutes she realizes....

You are shopping with your boy friend then two women rush in, yelling that they’re terribly late. The next thing you know is them striping out out the clothes they are wearing to change into other clothes.

What would you do?

The sight is really dangerous, considering your boyfriend gluing his eyes over these women’s body.

What to do? Cover his eyes!

RedeTV! is a Brazilian television network, owned by Amilcare Dallevo and Marcelo de Carvalho. RedeTV! has modern production plants, located in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Recife and Fortaleza. RedeTV! is headquartered in the CTD – Centro de Televisão Digital (Digital Television Center, in English), located in Osasco, a suburb of São Paulo, where its news division is based. It is the newest television network, among the five major networks in Brazil, being a relaunch of Rede Manchete in 1999. It was the first network worldwide to be broadcast in 3D.

This man is luckier, he’s alone. No girlfriend, no wife.

So he helped them putting on clothes with the happiest smile on his face.

This couple seem calm and collected.

They even have a hand to help zipping!

Or not...

RedeTV! was the first Brazilian network to produce all of its original programming in high definition.

In September 2009, RedeTV! changed its facilities Barueri for the Centro de Televisão Digital (CTD) in Osasco (SP). Despite having changed its headquarters to the Centro de Televisão Digital (CTD) in September, the official inauguration of the center was on the 13th of November, being celebrated with a big party and with the participation of politicians, businessmen and artists such as Luciana Gimenez, Iris Stefanelli and Supla, in addition to President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

In May 2010, Pânico na TV became the first show in the world to do a live 3D transmission in a free-to-pay channel.

In 2011, when TeleTV Group was closed, management of RedeTV! now belongs to Amilcare Dallevo Jr. and Marcelo de Carvalho, which is now owned by their own groups.

Source: RedeTV


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