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Hot girl strips off to have Buddha tattoo all over her bare back, but netizens are more worried for her life
September 14 2018, 2:16 PM
Her video has gone viral on the Internet.

Having a tattoo is no longer a symbol of rebellious behavior or something negative in mostly communities. In this year 2018, it becomes more of an artistry thing for youngsters, so no wonder more and more of them pay a lot of money just to have their skin inked. Many people shows their characteristic, dreams or love through pictures on their skin. However, not all of these imagine are appropriate.

Recently, netizens are arguing over whether having a Buddha tattoo on her bare back is appropriate or not. Many praised her for the bravery, having her entire bare back tattooed like that. However, any have other ideas.

Is this appropriate or not, for a Asian girl?

Many dislike her idea of making religious a “hobby” to tattoo onto her bare skin.

One commented, “If you tattoo the word “patience”on your skin but you can’t be patient, or having a Buddha tattoo, yet you still do bad things, lies, cheats, or even eating meats are totally taboo. You may or may not have to face scary consequence for this.”

Many dislike her idea of making religious a “hobby” to tattoo onto her bare skin.

Another netizen agreed “I have a cousin who has just tattooed a dragon on his chest. 2 days after, he lost his job. Another one tattooed the same picture of Buddha like this girl, but on his forearm. If I remember right, he had an accident and broke his right arm very soon after having his skin inked.”

However, it’s her skin, so that’s her choice and her right.

Many agreed that your skin, your choice; however, you should think through. According to Asian belief, tattoo, once inked onto your skin, it can become a part of you and affect your fate.

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