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Hot face has been brutally beaten by her boyfriend for three consecutive years until her breasts explode
November 17 2018, 10:38 PM
The cruel man brutally beats her until she can't bear.

It is difficult to believe a female beautiful Hot Face who is well-known on the network community and has many followers was brutally beaten by her boyfriend without any regretting. The girlfriend couldn’t bear anymore and she online posted the boyfriend who has lived with her in a house for three years has repeatedly abused her.

It is said that this young girl with a beautiful face and sexy body who is working as a DJ in a bar in China. Due to the special working environment when she had to communicate to many male guests and always wear sexy clothes, the girl’s friend always felt jealous and angry. “I can not give up my job at a bar because it’s where I make a living. Although this job is going to make a lot of people misunderstand me, I’ve never been against the law. ,” she said. Earning money by working hard is not a shame. So there is no reason for me to give up.”

However, her boyfriend did not understand and have sympathy for the girl. Instead, he repeatedly criticized and  beat her especially when he broke her pseudo-female fake silicon breasts.The young woman has forgiven him many times because they had a happy time living together but he didn’t have any change. The reason for this incident might be that the man didn’t love her as much as in the past but he still lived on her money. Moreover, he hated seeing the other men paying attention to her and even comments of netizens on her. What a bad guy!

Young girl accused her boyfriend on facebook and asked for help from the community. Unbelievably,  a beautiful face and sexy body have been so brutally beaten by her boyfriend that her breast exploded.

Vu Tam

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