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Horror: ice cream mixed with fish-meat and fruit makes customers ‘freak out’
December 27 2018, 10:56 PM
When it comes to ice cream, you will think of sweet taste with chocolate or fruit. But in Alaska, people make special ice cream with the main ingredients are fish and meat.

It is thought that Alaska consumes more ice cream per capita than any other state in the country. This is surprising information for many people, because it is the northernmost state and famous for snow and winter. Perhaps it is Alaska’s proximity to snow that makes them like ice cream. Regardless of the reason, the love for ice cream has created incredible wonders of local ice cream named akutaq.

Akutaq is also known as Eskimo ice cream, it’s not purely real ice cream. In fact, it’s a traditional Eskimo mix of fish, Crisco, Alaskan sugar and berries. A favorite dish in ancient Alaska culture, this dish is called ice cream and is very delicious.

In addition to fish, Eskimo cream can also be added to a mixture of reindeer or lard, snow or ice and fresh berries. However, fish is still the most popular material.

According to the local cold-icy locals in Alaska created akutaq ice cream, an important dish in the diet of native Alaskans. Living in an extremely cold environment, they require a high-fat diet. The combined fat of bear fat, reindeer, elk or cow provides healthy unsaturated fat along with omega-3 fatty acids. Fruits that provide vitamin C. Crisco is used to mix animal fats with berries and combine them with both. Fish contain vitamin D and iron.

Because traditional Eskimo ice cream is a time-consuming dish, it is often prepared for a long time. Traditionally, women will make akutaq after the first hunting of the year has ended and they do a lot to reserve. In addition to being used for hunters and visitors, akutaq is often served at weddings, funerals and almost any celebration.

People started making ice cream by putting Crisco in a large mixing bowl, then using their hands to quickly turn Crisco around the bowl. When Crisco softens and near the melting point from the hand they will give some blueberries or berries and mix them with Crisco. The warmth of the hand will make the cream texture smoother.

After about half an hour of rotation, they added Crisco and frozen berries along with olive oil and fish or fat, meat to the mixture. Olive oil serves the same function as Crisco, helping to soften the fruit.

If you do not hesitate to try this ice cream, you will find it much better than any fruit salad. Eskimo cream is mostly berry so it is slightly acidic. Each family will develop a cream based on the type of berries they decide to use.

Source: theculturetrip

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