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Horrifying moment firecracker factory worker is engulfed in flames as a batch of gunpowder suddenly explodes!
November 07 2018, 3:58 PM
A firecracker factory worker has miraculously survived after a massive gunpowder explosion at a plant in central China.

The worker had been transporting a batch of gunpowder on a wheelbarrow at a factory when static electricity ignited the explosive material into a ball of flames, Chinese media reported. The worker sustained non-life threatening burns to his body and was immediately taken to hospital in Liuyang, Hunan province.

Horrific footage of the incident on October 28 shows the man walking towards a shed with four large packages of gunpowder at the Xinfu firework plant at about 1pm. Seconds later, while he was setting down the wheelbarrow, a blinding white light is seen as the explosives blew up, engulfing the man in a ball of flames.

The man could be seen standing in a pile of debris near the shed, which was destroyed in the blast.

Fortunately, the man survived despite not appearing to be wearing any protective gear.  He suffered burns to his body and is currently in stable condition, according to Beijing News citing local authorities.

The fire is believed to be triggered by a static discharge from the stopping wheelbarrow, according to the report.

Fireworks are sensitive to impact, friction, and static electricity, officials told reporters, noting that this is an extremely rare accident.

Watch video:

Source video: Asia Wire

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