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Horrifying joke: Challenge an MMA boxer to be punch unconsciously !
August 10 2018, 1:44 PM
Challenging an MMA boxer to punch into face, this young received bitter result.

The challenge was : You were blindfolded and you showed your face out and waited for a ‘gentle’ punch from an MMA boxer.

It sounded pretty cool when you join this challenge. But you must be a fool if you want to be punched by a professional boxer, not to mention an MMA boxer.


Who could imagine to your jaw bones, your brain after having suffered such a powerful punch like that ? The result of this stupid guy was: almost unconscious, but he didn’t totally lose his self-control. He still could stand up normally and even talked.

” You were in the heaven for a second, weren’t you ?”

“Did he lose his mind ? Omg, i thought he was dead ! But, to be honestly, i think the boxer was ‘a little bit’ gentle, if he had put his full strenght into the punch, this guy would have dead ! ”

“Such a stupid violent video, guys, do not let your children watch this at home ! Because it will have bad  effect on them !”

“Guys, it’s not a joke, it’s life-threatening !”

“I’m so upset that there’s still people like this in this world. They do stupid things and post their videos online and others may imitate their behaviors !”

Many comments like those occured.

Watching video: 

Ngoc Anh


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