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Horrified after looking at the refrigerator that looks like the store of food, netizens wondered why they haven’t had stomachache yet
December 03 2018, 1:59 PM
The refrigerator contains a lot of food, packages and boxes that make people look at are also terrified.

Refrigerators are considered as the stockpile of the family, where not only food and drink but also fruit, things need to be refrigerated. With conditional families, fridges are always packed with items that are available in the store. There are many plastic bags, boxes, bottles and trays.

Recently, a girl shared pictures of her mother-in-law’s refrigerator. The picture shows a large two-door refrigerator, consisting of several compartments. However, the inner compartment is full of food, nylon bags and so on.

“This is just one refrirator. There is also another one” Her mother-in-law always saves money excluding buying food. She accumulates food from day to day, even when someone want to throw them away because they cannot be eaten anymore, the mother said “No, I will eat them tomorrow”.

However, most netizens expressed disagreement with how to store food from day to day. Most people think that storing food in 3 days is fine, but if stored too long, the refrigerator is not so good quality and hygiene.

Horrified look at the refrigerator as the store of food, netizens questioned why people in this family haven’t had a stomachache yet.

“The food is so packed that the fridge is poorly functioning, the food is not guaranteed, so you should tell your mother-in-law to arrange and clean it. How can she turns the fridge into a shed?” the girl said.

Another commenter said, “Supermarkets are great, therefore you should buy to eat in a few days, don’t buy to eat for a year. There are no empty places in the fridge. You guys are lucky because you haven’t had stomachache yet.”

A man exclaimed: “I was choked after looking at this, it looks like some restaurant’s refrigerator”.

When the family uses the refrigerator, they should arrange things neatly and neatly. In the case of coolers, only foods with short shelf life or low storage temperatures should be used. The food is vegetables, tubers should be sealed with plastic or plastic containers and in the bottom tray, this tray is in the form of a box should be able to store vegetables and tubers better than other compartments.

Do not put vegetables, tubers have not been wrapped in the refrigerator because it will cause the root vegetables to wilt and quickly break down.

Foods such as cooked food and canned food should be tightly covered in the top compartment of the refrigerator. In the middle of the refrigerator, some foods such as yogurt, cakes, and other foods such as chicken eggs, milk, water, wine, butter, sauces … are left in the refrigerator door.

For the ice compartment, it is used to remove fresh foods that need to be stored for a long time, such as meat and seafood. Organizing food in a scientific way will help you to find out food more easily.

Source: emdep

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